Madison Speech Methods

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Voice Coaching   

Develop a dynamic speaking voice and communicate with clarity, confidence  and power with voice coaching. Improve your business’s income and success.

The sound of your voice has often been linked to personality.

A high-pitched, thin voice may be considered weak and you may be not taken seriously.

A low, deep voice may be considered sexy and playful.

A fast rate of speaking may be considered unorganized, difficult to follow.

You know your voice doesn't reflect your level of education, your confidence, your attitude, but what others perceive may be just that.

At Madison Speech Methods, we analyze your voice for

  •      Pitch      
  •      Rate 
  •      Volume   
  •      Nasality
    All of these traits make up your voice and can be targeted for your optimum voice level. How you present yourself is a direct result of how you sound. Let's get started today and take charge of your communication skills.