Madison Speech Methods

Providing Speech Therapy and Business Speech Coaching in the Greater Portland Area

Public Speaking and Presentation Skills

Learn to speak with confidence, clarity and power with our public speaking training program offered by a Maine state licensed speech-language pathologist.

Dynamic presentation skills are essential in the business world. Learn to design and deliver a presentation that is effective, memorable and influential.

Your professional image is a composition of multiple skills.  When you step outside of your home, you are now a public speaker! Poise, confidence, articulation, voice projection, overuse of the "verbal virus" such as "um, you know, like...", grammar, vocabulary and the "melody" of your speech intertwine to create a dynamic or dull presentation. 

Your company‚Äôs image, the loss or gain of business,  client satisfaction or loyalty, and  productivity in the workplace are all affected by each individual who represent your company. They each engage in conversations, presentations, and telephone calls daily.

At Madison Speech Methods, we offer individual and group training to optimize your company's potential.

We address a variety of skills that include:

  • Creating a slide show to gain and keep you listener's attention.
  • Relaxation exercises to decrease public speaking anxiety.
  • Poise and posture with body language for an effective presentation.
  • Speech techniques for better vocal projection, clear articulation, rate or speed of your delivery.