Madison Speech Methods

Providing Speech Therapy and Business Speech Coaching in the Greater Portland Area

Phone Skills and Call Center Training

Develop professional telephone skills that will result in a loyal customer that will return and refer your business. 

Did you know a customer will make a snap judgement on the credibility of your business based on the tone of your voice, grammar and other sound characteristics within seconds? 

Learn how Madison Speech Methods can bring new skills to your business by developing a customized program to meet the specific needs identified by our experienced speech coach.  We will optimize your call center for accuracy, clarity and professionalism.

Important Skills to Address

  • Learn to use a vocal tone that is receptive to your listener or customer.

  • Reduce a heavy accent resulting in a more satisfied customer.

  • Learn to speak with professional etiquette and grammar.

  • Use a communication melody and rate that is easy to understand for your listener.

  • Understand the differences of speaking on the phone vs. in person to optimize clarity and understanding.