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Accent Reduction

We offer accent reduction training for regional and foreign accents with customized programs to learn Standard American English and improve your communication in business in Maine.

According to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), an accent is the unique way that speech is pronounced by a group of people speaking the same language.  An accent may be regional or foreign and a natural part of spoken language. Everyone speaks with an accent.

It is important to state, accents are NOT a disorder. With that said, they may negatively affect communication.


1. Misunderstanding

               It is not uncommon to be misunderstood from time to time, but shouldn't be a normal part of your day. If you are misunderstood as a doctor, your patient may take his prescription incorrectly. If you are misunderstood as a sales representative, your client may have not have received the right price and take their business elsewhere.  Not everyone asks for clarification and many are poor listeners.

It is up to you to speak with clarity and take responsibility for your communication skills.

2. Frustration

               If you have to repeat yourself often, your job performance and satisfaction may be at stake. You could loose that promotion, change jobs often, 

3. Avoidance

              Professional and social engagements may be avoided by you and others missing out on important networking opportunities, meeting potential clients, exhibiting your expertise at a conference to name a few.


What is involved with accent reduction training?

The goal of accent reduction training is to help the individual speak effectively so that speech is more clear and easier for the listener. Accent elimination is not the intention.  The individual is actually learning American Standard English.

After a careful analysis of the individual’s speech patterns, a customized training program will be designed for the individual. Speech sounds and the melody or intonation of speech will be addressed. Materials and assignments will be given weekly and daily practice is expected. With hard work and patience, your accent can be changed to improve your communication for professional and personal needs.